foxglove card

We have finally decided on our design for Foxglove Studio cards. Seth has been designing his heart out and this is what we have come up with. It melts the organic classic floral shapes with the geometric shapes that I am so attracted to. Plus uses lush bold colors to catch the eye.


I was browsing one of my favorite sites The Brick House and couldn't help but get excited about these wall fibers. I mean, come on, pretty fantastic wall art if you ask me. Textures are really important when working with flowers and it is also important with space design.
(All images belong to The Brick House)


frei designs spring collection

Recently Foxglove Studio was asked to make head crowns for a very special photo shoot. Frei Designs founder and designer, Annie Novotny, created a beautiful spring clothing collection and wanted the shoot to be influenced by the style of Frida Kahlo and the world of Geisha's. With these two visions in mind, we came up with some head pieces that created a floral waterfall to accent the soft and sharp shapes of Annie's clothes. I think it was a success! These are just some sneak peeks at the photo shoot that happened this weekend. More photo's to come soon.


100 layer cake

I have been a big fan of 100 layer cake for a few years now. If you are planning a wedding or really any kind of event this blog and website will save the day. It is a wonderful resource for inspiration, DIY's, style, color palettes as well as vendors and resources for your event.

vertical garden home

Ever dreamed of living in the city and a garden all in one. Well, someone's dream came true. Tokyo-based architect Ryue Nishizawa created this amazing vertical home in the middle of the city. Constructed to feel as though you are outside, it brings nature and architecture together as one. Pretty amazing and totally beautiful. Hopefully someday I will have a studio space to work in and when I do, I would love it to feel and look much like this. The muted light grey and white elements combined with the natural brilliance of the greens and pinks create a dream like elegance. Definitely a place that would inspire design.
(all images belong to ryue nishizawa)


sweet georgia

I just love Georgia O'Keeffe.


dinner party

Recently my friend and clothing designer, Annie Novotny, told me about a new company called Dinner Party. Founded by Lisa Spagnolo and Tricia Hyland, this company focuses on the art of eating. They give tips and DIY advice on how to throw a beautiful dinner party, wedding, picnic, you name it they will make it beautiful. They also do rentals of vintage dishware! Check them out and next time you need a stylish dinner/lunch/breakfast/brunch get ahold of them!

flower displays

I don't currently have a shop and I have not yet had to display flowers. But if I did, I think I would like to show them in a display inspired by the Robert Storey Studio. Hard shapes and colors with organic blooms sound like heaven to me.

feathers and flowers

I have always been a struggle of if I like feathers with flowers or not. I think that it can look a little tasteless. Flowers at their simplicity say enough. Feathers can tend to get in the way and distract from the beauty of a bud. But then I see photo's like this one and I want to some how find a way to melt my love of feathers with my love of flowers. Perhaps that will be my next goal. On another note, I have been dreaming of vacation for a few years now, but right now, I will just live through pictures of the sea.


frei design's spring collection

I will be working with Annie Novotny on creating some floral headbands for her upcoming photo shoot of her Spring 2012 clothing collection. Really honored and excited for this one, kids! This is her inspirations as well as the color palette. O, those colors!