The holiday season is about giving right?
There isn't much that I want in the way of presents. Just to have a nice holiday with loved ones and to rest up a bit. 
Maybe bake and cook an obscene about of food that I have been wanting to cook all year, but haven't gotten around to it. 

If you want to see Foxglove, we will be at a few gatherings this month. 3 to be exact. The other 2 I will tell you about shortly. 
But if you want to find us during the big Holidose extravaganza I, along with my studio family INDO and Stephanie Bassos Photography, will be wrapping gifts and all donations for this will go to Snow City Arts  , a program in Illinois, set up to provide education and learning while children are hospitalized. 

It feels better to give then to get. I am super excited about this one. Plus, there are tons of amazing vendors that will be at Dose on Dec. 14th, so don't forget to stop by our table for some pretty wrapping and to help some kids that are going through tough times. 


outtakes and the last month of this year

I have a case of the Monday's. I probably shouldn't, but doesn't everyone after a holiday weekend. It's always hard to say goodbye to my mom. Some days Seth and I tease ourselves into day dreaming about living in the same city has her. But we know we can't go anywhere. At least for now. To many things, projects going, projects in the pipeline and projects in the dream line to pick up and go. But we still dream about it sometimes. Doesn't everyone?

I really enjoyed our vacation to Independence Missouri this past weekend for Thanksgiving. It was nice to get out of the city, reconnect with the land and be around loved ones and farm animals. It was, as it always has been, a very inspiring trip that had the gears in my head cranking. So many ideas and thoughts. I am looking forward to my next visit. Not sure when that will be, but hopefully soon.

Here are some images from a shoot that we recently did with Veronica Schaeffer, South Social and Home, Kate Weinstein, Joanna Bastermajian and Levinson Locations as well as some other randoms from last month. I look forward to sharing the final images with you soon.


Settling In

I miss the spring and summer color. I love fall foliage and blooms, but today I miss the bright, warm colors. I know Spring will come sooner then we think, but first is winter. 

I have started to settle things in the studio after our biggest wedding season yet, thanks to all of you. Your support is always cherished and I am so grateful for the love. 

Now upwards and onwards to the holiday season. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Heading to Kansas City to my aunt and uncles farm. Horses, Chickens, Goats, cats, dogs and fields. Lot's of fields. I can't wait to walk through them and reflect on how thankful I am for this past year, for you and for my friends and family who carry me through each day. 


Oakmoss, Fig and Lavender Oh My

Who doesn't love a good candle. When I am at home on a dark fall or winter night I love to light tons of candles and create a warm and cozy space. Well, now we have some of my favorite candles in our Apothecary + Supply.

Im not sure how I found Sarah, but I am glad I did.  Her biz name is Simply Curated and her candles are amazing. Hand-crafted and made of domestically grown soy wax and wood wicks, the candles are eco -friendly in every sense of the word! The glass that holds the candles are domestically sourced and are original pieces of barware that makes each candle unique. After you burn the candle you can use the glass as a classy drinking vessel.

Sarah makes these candles in small batches and while the process takes time, it results in a candle of the highest quality with natural fragrance that permeates the entire candle from top to bottom.

Also, I am in love with the fact that she uses wood wicks. I honestly don't know if I have ever burned a candle with a wood wick, but they are great. Because they are wider they give off more warmth and light then a normal candle. And they crackle, which is a treat for a person like me who doesn't have a fireplace.

We have 3 seasonal scents available. Each one is amazing and will bring you through fall and winter like a champ. Or if you are really thoughtful and really love someone, they make great gifts!

Oakmoss + Leather
Vanilla + Lavender
Guava Fig

Go to our Apothecary and pick one up.

Also, if you are in the Chicago area, you are always welcome to come by the studio to pick up anything in our online store. Just give us a ring or email us to schedule a time!


Get into the Spirit

Happy Monday, dears.

Our wreath making workshop is THIS FRIDAY! Time sure does fly. We are going to show you how to make your own wreaths and swag for the holidays. Join myself and Claire from Humboldt House and not only take home some wreaths, but enjoy some snacks and drinks and a little pre game holiday shopping!
Grab a spot by signing up HERE and come get cozy with us and have a girl hang while making pretty things.

Spaces is limited so hurry hurry!


this week is...

I am finally sitting at my desk for the first time this week and it feels so good and kind of relaxing. Running on little sleep and energy, but super happy about all that is up this week. Just wrapped a shoot with the amazing Barkers . I love styling for them. They are so filled with fire and excitement, it's refreshing and inspiring.

Tomorrow I am super excited to be apart of my friend Heather Crosby's book release party for her book Yum Universe. I met Heather this summer at Art Camp and immediately connected with her and her way of eating and healthy living. A few months back she approached us about doing some florals for her book release and I happily said of course. 
If you would like to join us along with:

we will be at Chicago Art Department from 6-9pm tomorrow to celebrate this amazing book filled with incredible information and recipes. 

P.S. Stay tuned for us gradually adding some new products to the online shop. They are coming from some of our favorite people and will be great for easy and thoughtful holiday gifts. We will be bringing one new product to you next week and maybe we will even give away a little Foxglove gift collection to one of you, so keep your eyes peeled.  Speaking of products, the brisk weather has started, so check out the Nourishing Facial Serum in our apothecary.  It will keep those rosy cheeks happy all winter long. 



I can't believe October is almost over.

We have accomplished a lot this month in our wedding business and last night we had an amazing opening party, (thanks to everyone who came out! ). These are some shots before all of you pretties came to hang. Thanks for these pics  Stephanie Bassos.

Looking forward to meeting with our new clients, organizing and planning for next year in the last 2 months of this year. Figuring out this business stuff is fun but sometimes challenging, however, I am so excited for what's to come.

So, now it's halloween and I am facing the dilemma of a costume because I did not take the time to come up with one. Looks like I will be pulling together a mash of halloween pasts to come up with a costume. Plus, I think I will need a nap.

I hope you all have a great Halloween and bridge into the "holiday season". I am going to try to keep up with the blog now. Because it is so easy to slack. And sorry for being all over the place with this post, it's just how it goes today.


it's a little party

This week is our busiest so far this year. It's been so awesome to see the growth of Foxglove since January. Making this my full time gig, getting a new roof for production and office and sharing flowers with all of you.

Come check it out. The girls of INDO, Stephanie Bassos along with us are having a little studio/halloween party to share our space with you. Feel free to stop by the space on Oct. 30th from 6-9pm to enjoy drinks, snacks and awesome people. Costumes are encouraged of course and this will be a perfect little preview of this years Halloween for you. Take that costume on a test drive before the big day.



thursday morning

I woke up this morning in a good mood. My finger itched a bit from a bee sting that I kindly received on the upper level of the Mariano's parking lot yesterday. It's been years since I have been stung by a bee, and frankly, I was a little nervous as my mother and brother are pretty allergic to the suckers. Then I thought about how I probably just killed a bee, and started feeling bad about slapping him.

I am prepping for our Humboldt House workshop that is this evening. Jeanie's delivery guy is going to be dropping off the flowers here at the studio any minute now. Can't wait to see them. I always get a little giddy when I know I will be in the presence of well grown flowers. 

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. About traveling, growing and starting new projects that are bigger then anything I think I could really launch. I guess that is how every new business venture starts. 

Oh, also bought tickets for Seth and I to travel West in February. Really happy because February in Chicago is brutal and sad, so I am going to be very happy to get to warmer lands. I have never been to Las Vegas, Joshua Tree or Palm Springs. Any places/sites/flower farmers that we should check out along our journey? Let me know, because I want to make this trip count. 


The Foxglove Studio ◊ Apothecary + Supply

I struggled with this idea.
I didn't want to step on the toes of the many amazing Chicago shops both brick and mortar and online. But I wanted a way to share the amazing companies and products that I personally love, with you.

So I decided that if we were going to offer items for sale that we would  have defined guidelines when adding products to our online shop. Instead of adding any and all things that we love the shop would be a curated collection of objects and products that focus in the floral and/or garden realms.

It's a growing process (the shop is starting small, but we will be growing it gradually). W are working with artists and makers from all over the states to create exciting products that we hope you will enjoy and fall in love with. Because everything we offer are things we use and love ourselves.

Check out the goods here. 

To open the store we have reached out to 2 companies who excel in their crafts. I use their products religiously and am so happy that they have agreed to align there unique styles and potions with us.

Nova Perfume I found Julia a few years back when she was first creating her perfume Chakra. We talked about a collaboration but at the time I wasn't doing Foxglove full time so the conversation dwindled. When we decided to start this Apothecary + Supply she was one of the first people that I reached out to and now we are carrying CHAKRA which is an amazing perfume with hints of Moroccan and Bulgarian rose with the masculine undertones of tobacco, leather and wood. I wear it all the time.  If you aren't sure about buying a perfume online, we offer samples for your testing pleasure. 

Herbivore Botanicals ◊ I was browsing some of my favorite blogs and found this company. Im not going to lie, the packaging is what caught my eye. So I clicked through and went mad for all of the 100% natural products. I first started using the Pink Clay Mask and let me tell you, it's amazing. I have since sampled all of the products that we sell and can stand by this company 200%. Stay tuned for more products from them because they keep coming out with amazing things and I can't stay away. 


A new home to hang our hats...

Thank you thank you thank you Nitewerk for your help with the site!

If you even know me a little bit, I pretty much go with computers like oil does to water.
So a few months back I started designing Foxglove's new website. It was all good and dandy until a photo wouldn't align with text. I know for some of you, this is a no brainer. But for me, I have no patience with figuring this out. It's one of those things in being a business owner that I very happily pass on to someone else and trust them fully to just get done.

That is when Jordan and Monica came a knockin'. These two beautiful ladies helped me get our original website up a few years back. When they offered to help me with this new website and I immediately forked it over to them.

Now we have a comfortable place for us to rest our cyber hats. I am excited for the fresh start and for this site to allow Foxglove to grow in other directions to offer you more floral options, products, idea's and inspiration.

And Thank you thank you thank you Nathan Michael for the Logo design!

A few newbies:

We are offering subscriptions and deliveries. We wanted to be able to create arrangements for your everyday life (in edition to your parties, weddings and events!) Just let us know when and where.

We also started a small curated online Apothecary + Supply. It's a baby now, but keep checking back because we will always be adding new products and exclusives that we love and use ourselves.

Please, take a look around here.


Fall Floral Workshop ◊ Brightflower Farm + Humboldt House

Claire, from Humboldt House contacted me awhile back asking if I would be interested in getting a drink and discussing some possible options on workshops that Foxglove could lead in her space.  Of course I said yes and we had the best evening at Rootstock (just around the corner from where we live and work) not only dreaming up workshop idea's, but also talking business, buying houses and girling out on dogs.

We talked about leading a workshop that focused on the splendors of what the Midwest can offer by way of branches, berries, blooms and vines in the fall.
So we connected with Jeanie at Brightflower Farm . Jeanie grows 100% organic plants and flowers out in Stockton, IL for urban markets. We were so excited when she agreed to lead a discussion on Midwest flower growing and then she would bring her flowers for a Foxglove floral arranging workshop!

 So, now I am super excited to announce that we will be leading this workshop on Oct. 2nd at Humboldt House! To find out more please visit our workshops page on our new website!

I went out to Jeanie's farm a few weeks ago and here are some snaps of her slice of heaven.