Flowers + Watercolor

Wow, the summer has flown by. Well, Seth and I had a baby. A girl and she is perfect. The apple of our eye's. Her name is Jonnie-Rose and like her mother she was born early, really early, 5 weeks early. So, naturally, I never took time off from Foxglove. But we managed to make it to here to today thanks to Ali and the countless hands that have helped us along the way. 
Babies are amazing and working with Jonnie-Rose has been an adjustment, but so rewarding. I know that these days won't last long, so I am trying to embrace every minute I get to spend with her at this young age. 

I am super excited about our workshop with our lovely friend Tiffany Wong this weekend. There is one more spot, so if you hurry you can join us for painting, wreaths and some treats from Antique Taco. Sign up here.

The workshop is this Sunday from 10-1pm at Antique Taco's Cool Event Space (perfect for a little extra decoration for your Thanksgiving dinner). 
We will be teaching how to make a rustic holiday wreath and then Tiffany will teach you how to watercolor it. She is incredibly talented and I am super excited to learn myself. I bought a set of water colors earlier in the year in a rare zen moment and haven't had the chance to use them yet. 

Tiffany not only is a talented painter, but she also has music up her sleeve.  Check out everything she does on her website. 

Antique taco will be providing us with a lovely space and with some mexican hot chocolate and abuelita cookies to snack on. 
In additional we will have a small pop up shop with Foxglove Apothecary goods (we have some new items perfect for holiday gifts for you and your friends and family) as well as Tiffany Wong goods for 15% off. 

Can't wait to share some images from the workshop and stay tuned for some new ones in the new year. If you want to learn anything specifically, let us know by dropping us a line at hello@thefoxglovestudio.com.

Now, back to office work.