The Foxglove Studio ◊ Apothecary + Supply

I struggled with this idea.
I didn't want to step on the toes of the many amazing Chicago shops both brick and mortar and online. But I wanted a way to share the amazing companies and products that I personally love, with you.

So I decided that if we were going to offer items for sale that we would  have defined guidelines when adding products to our online shop. Instead of adding any and all things that we love the shop would be a curated collection of objects and products that focus in the floral and/or garden realms.

It's a growing process (the shop is starting small, but we will be growing it gradually). W are working with artists and makers from all over the states to create exciting products that we hope you will enjoy and fall in love with. Because everything we offer are things we use and love ourselves.

Check out the goods here. 

To open the store we have reached out to 2 companies who excel in their crafts. I use their products religiously and am so happy that they have agreed to align there unique styles and potions with us.

Nova Perfume I found Julia a few years back when she was first creating her perfume Chakra. We talked about a collaboration but at the time I wasn't doing Foxglove full time so the conversation dwindled. When we decided to start this Apothecary + Supply she was one of the first people that I reached out to and now we are carrying CHAKRA which is an amazing perfume with hints of Moroccan and Bulgarian rose with the masculine undertones of tobacco, leather and wood. I wear it all the time.  If you aren't sure about buying a perfume online, we offer samples for your testing pleasure. 

Herbivore Botanicals ◊ I was browsing some of my favorite blogs and found this company. Im not going to lie, the packaging is what caught my eye. So I clicked through and went mad for all of the 100% natural products. I first started using the Pink Clay Mask and let me tell you, it's amazing. I have since sampled all of the products that we sell and can stand by this company 200%. Stay tuned for more products from them because they keep coming out with amazing things and I can't stay away. 


A new home to hang our hats...

Thank you thank you thank you Nitewerk for your help with the site!

If you even know me a little bit, I pretty much go with computers like oil does to water.
So a few months back I started designing Foxglove's new website. It was all good and dandy until a photo wouldn't align with text. I know for some of you, this is a no brainer. But for me, I have no patience with figuring this out. It's one of those things in being a business owner that I very happily pass on to someone else and trust them fully to just get done.

That is when Jordan and Monica came a knockin'. These two beautiful ladies helped me get our original website up a few years back. When they offered to help me with this new website and I immediately forked it over to them.

Now we have a comfortable place for us to rest our cyber hats. I am excited for the fresh start and for this site to allow Foxglove to grow in other directions to offer you more floral options, products, idea's and inspiration.

And Thank you thank you thank you Nathan Michael for the Logo design!

A few newbies:

We are offering subscriptions and deliveries. We wanted to be able to create arrangements for your everyday life (in edition to your parties, weddings and events!) Just let us know when and where.

We also started a small curated online Apothecary + Supply. It's a baby now, but keep checking back because we will always be adding new products and exclusives that we love and use ourselves.

Please, take a look around here.


Fall Floral Workshop ◊ Brightflower Farm + Humboldt House

Claire, from Humboldt House contacted me awhile back asking if I would be interested in getting a drink and discussing some possible options on workshops that Foxglove could lead in her space.  Of course I said yes and we had the best evening at Rootstock (just around the corner from where we live and work) not only dreaming up workshop idea's, but also talking business, buying houses and girling out on dogs.

We talked about leading a workshop that focused on the splendors of what the Midwest can offer by way of branches, berries, blooms and vines in the fall.
So we connected with Jeanie at Brightflower Farm . Jeanie grows 100% organic plants and flowers out in Stockton, IL for urban markets. We were so excited when she agreed to lead a discussion on Midwest flower growing and then she would bring her flowers for a Foxglove floral arranging workshop!

 So, now I am super excited to announce that we will be leading this workshop on Oct. 2nd at Humboldt House! To find out more please visit our workshops page on our new website!

I went out to Jeanie's farm a few weeks ago and here are some snaps of her slice of heaven.


Monday Morning

I took my time getting out of bed this morning. It's been awhile since I have done that, and there is something quiet, reflective and calming about taking my time in the mornings. Did a few things around the apartment, took Huxley for a walk and had a cup of coffee leisurely at home, rather then the usual pick up and go routine.

Finished our Monday weeklies and wrapping up a styling job and felt like taking some pictures of the space. It is coming along nicely and I feel like we are almost there. Just a few more things... so I think. But I suppose every space always has a laundry list of things to get done. We are hoping to have a studio opening at the end of October, maybe the day before Halloween? Might as well make it spooky.

Looking forward to this week. Catching up on office work, cleaning, arranging, and organizing. I really need to utilize these down weeks to get stuff like this done both at the studio and at home. Because when we are in production for styling or flowers, it is always the last on our list.

I pulled one Tarot card from my deck this morning. It was the 4 of pentacles. Something in the saying for this card has stuck with me through the whole day. Wealth is a concept. I like this idea and am going to try to always remember it. Wealth is not money, it is what surrounds you, make you happy, guides you, elevates your life to a higher happiness.

Happy Monday.


Cold and Rainy September

Well, it looks like we went straight from summer into fall. Im not giving up on warm weather yet, but that tends to be how it is here in Chicago. No in between.

I just sat down with some really old wine that doesn't taste so good, but will surely get me through the rest of the Friday work day. Thought I would share some of the Midwest's bounty for the last days of summer and beginning of fall, with you. My heart melts when I see beautiful berried vines and the slight change of color on the local grasses and branches.
The colors are definitely changing. I feel like the local flower markets colors changed from brights and summers to oranges, gold and reds right when September hit. Im not complaining, I love fall and all of the foliage, blooms, branches and vines that it brings.

Looking forward to our fall weddings and for nesting before winter hits. Been ready for soups, socks, sweaters and the brisk breeze for a few weeks now. Just wait though, come 2 months from now, I will probably be cursing what I just said.


The Foxglove Table ◊ Yummy Super

I have decided that because food is as important as flowers are in my life, that I would start peppering in some of my favorite food blogs, chefs and sites. I have been collecting recipes through The Foxglove Table on our Pinterest page, but I feel like highlighting some of these talented people here on the blog every so often.

Today I came across Yummy Supper, a book and food blog created by the talented Erin Scott. Erin's take on food and life is refreshing and modern with subtle twists on classic recipes. It can be challenging to find new ways to use ingredients to create exciting new dishes. Erin focuses on fresh and honest recipes that are gluten- free and delicious.

She also is an amazing photographer. Part of my love for food is how it looks. It can be super challenging to capture food (and flowers!) beautifully from the eye of a camera. Erin has it down.

Here are a few of her recipes that I can't wait to try!

      Spicy Pork Soup with Kale and Rice Noodles                 Phyllis' Raw Asparagus and Fennel Salad