bona drag florals

I am really loving the use of flowers in the Bona Drag campaigns. Their styling is like spell magic and romance. Using flowers in a minimal way elevates these photo's to a more whimsical aesthetic, which is the Bona Drag way.

dark romance

all photo's by Julia Stotz

I am currently working on this amazing photo series with Sara Jean Stevens and Julia Stotz. I was approached by Sara to make some floral head pieces different from a crown or wreath style. Our first model, Stacey, had the perfect color hair for a lavender and cream color palette. I love the way they turned out. Especially love Sara's tattoo's in the last photo! We have 2 more ladies to style and shoot. Looking forward to it!



barn wedding

 Photo: Carmen Heller Charlton, CHC Photography, Inc
 Photo: Carmen Heller Charlton, CHC Photography, Inc
Photo: Carmen Heller Charlton, CHC Photography, Inc.

Last weekend we were super excited to create arrangements for Liz and Jeremy's wedding. Everything looked so beautiful and perfect. Turned out to be a magical night.


the boys

These are the boys behind Foxglove. 
Love the Foxglove

pink heart

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you all had a great week. Foxglove has been busy this week with weddings, special photo shoots and weekly deliveries. I am really looking forward to getting into fall colors, but I just couldn't resist the pink this week. Have a great weekend, diamonds. 


a trip down dinner party lane

We created these arrangements in the beginning of the year but I just love them paired with this plate on the homepage of Dinner Party. Thanks ladies and you all should really check them out for any dinner party needs.  AMAZING !


c + j

(all photo's snapped by Stephanie Bassos)

My very talented friend, Stephanie, took these perfect photo's of Crystal and Jesse's wedding a few weeks ago. So honored to have worked and played with these lovelies. 
Happy weekend, diamonds!


black|white vs.color



I was working on a photo shoot last night and my friend Julia gave me some great tips on taking photo's of my flowers. I have to get the cf card for the camera, so instead for one more day, I am using my iPhone. Today I went black and white. I kind of dig it. I wouldn't normally do this, because I think color is important when you present an arrangement. But boy o boy, I really think it worked out here. You can see all of the different textures of the arrangement and the richness. I also like how it looks like a painting. Hooray!


the dark horse

This past weekend was Labor Day. The end of summer. I felt a little melancholy about the whole thing. I was really thinking about Foxglove and how we have grown and how much farther I want to grow. Day dreaming about projects, gardens, travel and beauty.
It is hard sometimes for me to take a deep breath and remember that all things grow with time, I just want it now so bad.

This week we are working on a special project with Sara Jean and Julia Stotz. Really looking forward to it.