the end of an old year

It has been awhile. 
Things have been busy with the holidays, work, more work and a little play. I am still alive and so is Foxglove. This is an arrangement I did with some left over flowers from some wintery bouquets I made for Plenty Grocery. Also, some necklaces I made for some close girlfriends for Christmas. Making more necklaces, per requests which has been fun and always making more arrangements. Looking forward to a new year. Seth and I are going on a cruise for New Years and will be back in full for in January. xx



It is quiet season in the flower world, but I am managing to stay busy. I have been consumed with the holidays, day dreaming, reading books and trying to stay healthy in the unseasonably warm December. I am looking to start a new project in the new year, that will compliment Foxglove flowers and be a longer lasting tangible product. 

Sorry for the slow posts. It is the end of the year after all. Time to wrap up loose ends and be overly social for ones own good. I do hope this finds all of you Diamonds well and jolly. 


fall medley

The weekend is almost over. Sunday nights have always been bitter sweet to me. They are relaxing and the time that I can catch up on life things, but I know that the hustle of the week begins in just a few hours. Luckily, it is almost Thanksgiving. We are having a huge family reunion this year and Seth and I are really looking forward to the break and catching up on much needed family time. It is hard to believe that it is almost December. Today the weather was 65 and sunny. I am afraid the winter might hit me hard this year. 

These are some images of arrangements that I have made in the past week or so. I also made these flower bunches for a new local grocer called Plenty. Really excited to be bringing flowers to people in an easy little bouquet and hoping to be able to provide arrangements for holidays in the future. 

Time to eat the lasagna I made for us tonight. Hope it turned out well. 


kinfolk magazine: farm dinner

I am SO excited to announce that we are working with Kinfolk Magazine on their Farm Dinner series in Chicago! 

Along with Floriole Cafe, Asrai Garden and many more, we are hosting a dinner to be remembered. If you would like to attend go here
I have always loved Kinfolk and the opportunity to be apart of anything they do is a real honor. Can't wait to share photo's.

On another note I saw a saying today: Pressure makes Diamonds. I think this is my new mantra.  


the wild at heart: park walk

Seth and I went on an Autumn walk through the park the other day. Couldn't help but pluck some "on the way out" foliage and flowers. Winter, you are coming so fast, my heart is a little sad. 

I have been working hard on up coming events and a very special dinner that I will tell you more about in just a few. 


little ditty with post 27

I was super honored and excited to be asked to work with Post 27 on a holiday mantel design for Chicago Home and Garden! These are a few behind the scenes shots.
Pick up a copy of Chicago Home and Garden to see more!


1st year

Happy Anniversary Beth and Sean!

This was the wedding that made us decide to start Foxglove. Pretty kids, aren't they?! Here is to another 60+ years. xx


from the past

I just came across this photo from the first project Foxglove ever did. Thanks again, Annie


indian summer

The weather has been funny this week. It feels more like Spring into Summer rather then Fall in to Winter... but I think all of us Chicago kidz prefer it this way, for just a little longer. 
Maybe that is why I went with pinks and oranges this week. Holding on to this indian summer and bracing for the cold to come. I love how the breeze has frozen these stems into a permanent gust, creating a natural movement.
Lot's of change will be coming soon to our lives. Work changes and more. This winter will be scary, but exciting. A friend told me the other day, in order to succeed at business and life and get what you want out of it, you MUST take risks. I am sure we all know this, but it is always reassuring when someone tells you this to your face. So, I am preparing to risk it and Seth and I will see where our feet land. 


the wild at heart

Introducing The Wild at Heart

I have been thinking of doing this series of photo's for awhile. Thinking locally and of the moment, I wanted to start making arrangements with the foliage and flowers of certain locations. Gathering, arranging and photographing all in the space where the subjects came from. 
This is the first of the series. 

Seth and I spend many summer weekends up at his lake house on Lake Geneva. While the space is beautiful in the summer, just this past weekend I experienced the fall up there. The colors, weather and calmness were almost to much. So perfect and serene. We went on a walk and gathered branches, flowers, weeds, sticks, pods and whatever else inspired us. It was rainy and windy making it slightly difficult to arrange and photograph, but I think the final result turned out pretty well for the first image of this series.
 I am super excited to make the next one. There is something thrilling about jumping out of a car or going on a walk, finding beautiful shapes and colors and arranging them in their own wild.