jeni's wildberry lavender

I have been kind of obsessing over jeni's wildberry lavender ice cream. More so for the fact that it has to do with flowers and the color makes me week in my knees. Oh, also, the taste is unique and delicious. I LOVE ICE CREAM.

This made me start to think. If this jeni's flavor is so delicious and almost bazaar, I wonder what they all taste like.

Flowers are my dream, but ice cream fuels the steam (ha, like that?). So, I am going to try them all! Or as many as I can.

I don't know if you all know about jeni's, but I highly recommend you pick up one of any of their crazy flavors. They also just released a new toppings line called Gravel (GREAT name, huh? I was like, why didn't I think of that...? Oh, because I am not in the ice cream biz, but still. Great product line name)!

So, back to Wildberry Lavendar. It's a dream. It is a totally different flavor then I have ever had, but that is what makes it worth it. It's creamy, smooth and has loads of lavender taste, but in a great rich way. The color is what really got me to pick this as my first taste test. I am not a purple person, but look at that shade of cool, clean lavender. It makes this ice cream that much more fun to eat! I highly recommend this flavor if you are in the mood for some elegant adventure in ice cream eating!


mock up arrangement

I get to jazz up a really cool farm wedding in July and am pretty excited about it. It's rustic and fun and whimsical. Ya know, all the things that girls like.

This was one of the mock ups that I decided to enjoy afterwards.

On another note I have been working on a website and you can visit it here. I will always be editing and adding and removing and moving things, but it's the best place to check out my work in an organized fashion. I am working on getting all my friends up and getting photo credits up, but it's taking more time then I thought. So please bare with me!

I have to thank Jordan and Monica from Nitewerk, for helping me with this and many other graphic design decisions and projects. Without them, I probably wouldn't ever have a website. What's even better is we are using wordpress, which makes my life much easier because I am definitely not a computer person.

Cool, well, enjoy the rest of your day! Be back soon.


please can I put this on my walls?

The site of this wallpaper makes me weak in the knees.
When I get walls that I can do something more permanent to,  I am going to use this at least for once. Would it be to crazy to use all over? Ok, it might be but I can't get enough of it. It is perfect harmony between vintage +modern, color + pattern and I want it now!

So, who is going to give me a wall that I can put this up on?

Anyone? Anyone?

I guess I will have to wait patiently.


new friends

I am playing catch up.
Sorry for the long delay in posts and inconsistent inspiration. But alas, daily life calls and makes my days for Foxglove turn into nights and then hours and then before I know it, poof, another day has gone by without me posting anything on this here blog.

That being said, I have been super busy with flowers, weddings, events, photo shoots all while holding down a full time job. I think I am finally getting over being sick for the whole month of April and I inpart think it is because of running myself into the ground. But I only do it because I love everything Foxglove and well, also making music.

All of the big projects I have been working on, I have to sit on a little longer. In the meantime
I am so so excited to introduce to you New Friends. Um, guys, their shit is the bomb! Seriously, check it out. I want to roll around in piles of their weavings.. or maybe just have an entire wall filled with them, which would be more visually pleasing. I keep saying I am going to become a weaver, but, um, who am I kidding? These girls have got it!

Check them out in the handful of places in and between LA + NY. (Hey girls, come to Chicago!)

These are just a few of the many that I love.

Alexandra + Kelly at work!