Hold On, We're Going Home

I am obsessed with Drake's song Hold On, We're Going Home. I also love the Lykke Li version. Seth is constantly singing it and I am constantly listening to it. When I get up in the morning and am dragging or not looking forward to a day of business "stuff", it really is that type of song that will pump you up. I really don't know much about Drake... but I know I love that song.

Photos by Stephanie Bassos 

I had a grand old time in Up State New York last week and can't wait to share more on that soon, but right now I am trying to catch up with all the biz work that I put on the back burner for a week. It feels good to walk away from the office for a bit, but then can be a bit overwhelming coming back.

That is in part, why I decided to have a fun impromptu photo shoot day with Ali and Stephanie. Part of the trip to the East really helped get me inspired again. After winter in Chicago and getting bogged down with the computer, it's hard to stay inspired and excited all of the time. But going to a place where the work was done for us and the flowers were carefully chosen and provided, allowed for creative freedom that I haven't had for some time.

This weekend we aren't really doing Mothers Day. I am going to spend the weekend with my mom and Grandma in St. Louis while Seth get's flown down to Austin, TX to play with his band at Psych Fest. Ali will be around on Friday and Saturday for any orders that you might want to place, but we aren't doing it "traditional" style this year. Looking forward to visiting my friends at Urban Buds to see how their growing season is going and to get some blooms for my mom and grandma. Nothing better then locally and lovingly grown flowers.

Time to get cracking on a mood board.