Where the Flowers Are

It's a snowy, grey and cold day here in Chicago, so I have decided to share with you a few of my favorite flower things from this week.

1. Look at this read on Why Wildflowers are so important!

2. Love this love note to rosewater. And am obsessed with this product line.

3. I have a girl crush on this girl. And she has a great book coming out!

4. Dr. Bronners Lavendar Castille Soap is all you ever need. Don't believe me, read the label! Its so entertaining.

5. The flower farm, Avium, that I started with my friends Christine and Lindsey is now offering  CSA's. Get them while you can so you can enjoy the flowers we grow during the growing season here in Chicago! If you don't live here, then buy them for a friend or family member who lives in Chicago. It's a great way to show your love over and over again.

6. Woah, totally thought these were real!

Enjoy the rest of your week friends.

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