Where the Flowers Are

I am sitting here, in this house that my husband and I just bought. My daughter, Jonnie-Rose is napping and I am praying that I can get this typed and out in the world before she wakes up.

It's one of those times of year, when you try to figure out what it all meant, how to take it and where to go with it. What is "it"? That's the toughest question. I am once again searching for "it". This year and last I felt like was a battle. A battle of faith, will, a battle for happiness and overcoming loss and heartache. A battle of becoming an adult and mother. And with all this Foxglove has changed, as all businesses must.

My love and passion for flowers and the natural world is deep. Much deeper then just musing over an arrangement. I have grown aware of flowers, plants,  roots and branches that show up not only in the center of your table, but on your plates, in your apothecary products, on your skin, in the books you read and in your homes as a lasting movement.  I find myself wanting to share this more and more with you. Even if you don't want to listen, I want to tell you about the amazing that is happening all over this world to bring you a happier, healthier and more natural world.

The next week I am hoping for stillness and quiet. I am ready to adjust Foxglove to bring you more. To continue to create floral's and inspiration, to continue to flex my creative muscles, but to also bring you things that can easily make your life more full. I have spent years nurturing Foxglove, but now I want to give you more. I have decided that I will be sharing companies, people, ideas, food, products etc.. with you. Peppered in with our creations you will find new ways of loving and enjoying the natural world through the eyes of others.

Thank you for your support while I have been a bit silent lately.
To get you through the last few days of the year I have shared some beauty that inspires me. What inspires you?

I LOVE Moon Juice

Mad crush on this paper flower artist. I want to know all of her secrets.

Love the work of this botanical stylist.

Saipua inspired me years ago to get into the floral world, as they did many people. Now they are expanding and doing so much more to educate and better the world. Check out the news here and all the posts are always inspiring and beautiful. If you are in the New York area, be sure to sign up for some of these classes and programs.

This has been making my apartment smell like heaven. Rosewood heaven.

I love Tea'se. Some of the best around.

Photo Credit: Tiffanie Turner

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