Dose Market

Today was a bit of a wash. I woke up exhausted. Sweet girl Jonnie-Rose had some tummy aches that made her cranky yesterday and up a lot last night. I had about 3 cups of coffee before 8am and decided to stay home until she woke up from her nap, rather then waking her and leaving to be at the studio by a decent work day hour. One thing I got to was cleaning our camera off. I found all these pictures and it was a memory lane moment through the year. Some of these are wedding flowers, the chickens and farm house were from our trip to the Hudson Valley earlier this year and some are just moments that we had around the studio.

We had a walk through at the Lyric Opera House. More on that later, but did you know they do weddings there? Ladies and Gents, it's a beautiful space. If you want classic Chicago I highly recommend you consider this space. I hear there aren't any ghosts, though the place feels like it should have a resident spirit somewhere... that is if you are into that kind of thing.

We are wrapping up the year. We have one more event, Holidose, this Sunday from 10-5pm at Morgan Manufacturing. We will be selling small format wreaths, kissing mistletoe, bell jar terrariums and apothecary goods so make sure to stop by if you are planning on going. And make sure to pick up your tickets here if you want to go! I highly recommend it, as I am sure you have not bought all your presents yet and this place is the place to find locally well made goods.

After that we are closing up shop for the rest of the year. Aside from emailing and cleaning up, we will be taking a much needed 2 week break to relax, enjoy family and friends, maybe work on some personal projects a bit more and just give time to breath. It's been an incredibly busy year and I need a regroup so I can get inspired for the new year.

Hope you are all enjoying the last month of 2015. I am looking forward to seeing you all in 2016. Lot's of exciting changes, projects and fun to be had in the new year!

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